Our Company GOSAFE CABS PRIVATE LIMITED operates in the public transport market since NOVEMBER 2020. Even though a relatively new company, GOSAFE CABS achieved within a short time to consolidate it’s position in the market, being today the biggest taxi company in PRAYAGRAJ with a fleet of 70 cars, which crosses approx. 6000km (3730 miles) every day, covering every corner of the city. Our taxis operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in the city of Civil lines. All vehicles are Mitsubishi Lancer, year 2020, 1500cc gasoline & gas operating engine, purchased by different companies with 0 km. Our vehicles are designed to offer comfort to the passengers but also efficiency in the consumption of fuel. All vehicles have 4+1 seats, equipped with GPS system, taximeter, radio, air conditioner etc

Innovations of GOSAFE CABS

Arrival in the destination requested by the customer with no additional charging. Initial rate of 250 L, the lowest in the market. Free of charge contact number 9856-922-922. Fleet covering all the area of PRAYAGRAJ, making every spot reachable within 4 - 6 min. Usage of rate approved by the Transportation Authority of UTTAR PRADESH. 24 - hour service by qualified operators who communicate in various foreign languages. Opportunity of calculating your travel rate online in www.Gosafe Cabs Pvt. Ltd before making your trip. From our market research, our company has the lowest fare in the market. Correctness, accuracy, safe trip.


To maintain and reinforce our position as a leading company of taxi transportation in Tirana, through offering our customers a first class service. Vision and values of GOSAFE CABS
Permanent improvement of our service quality Orientation towards Albanian consumers’ demands Correctness Accuracy Caring about the environment Integrity Professionalism Staff Our highly motivated staff is one of our biggest assets. Our company consists of a 32 people staff: more than 80 professional drivers (equipped with a D - Class driver’s license and over 5 years of experience in public transportation), 10 operators who coordinate our service, from receiving the call from the customer, to boarding him on taxi. Our philosophy is one of gradual and continuous improvement of everything we do. We are engaged not only in the transport of people from point A to B, but in creating pleasant, comfortable and safe trip experiences. GOSAFE CABS is committed to apply practices of Total Quality Management (TQM).

For us, quality is:

  • Answering the customer’s call on time. Politeness in communication; Communication in several foreign languages; Taking the correct address of the customer, proving exact Information on the time span the taxi will arrive

  • Correct coordination of the nearest taxi. GOSAFE CABS uses a system with the most advanced technology in the market,to manage the fleet of taxis.
  • New, clean and comfortable vehicles.
  • Polite drivers, attentive towards the customer, with many years of experience in this profession but also recently trained by the company to carefully listen to the customer’s needs, to be respectful and kind.
  • Our vehicles use natural gas as fuel, making us more effective in costs, but also eco - friendly.
  • We take regular feedback from our customers to see how happy they are with our service and how we can yet improve.